Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wall hangings

Well I've got the bug. Recently I have been hyperactive with desire to decorate everything around my home. I have to hold myself back as we are living in a rented property and of course I can't just go and paint a huge mural on the outside wall. God knows I'd love to do it. For now I have to satisfy myself with other decorative items and some new products. I've just done this wall hanging for our bedroom. Wall hangings are a big thing in Polish folk culture with many traditional interiors having little blank wallspace left due to all the decorations.

Traditional Polish village home in Zalipie, Poland
image: "Polska Sztuka Ludowa", Aleksander Jackowski

Having recently done some new wrapping paper I loved the design of it so much that I decided to use it to make a wallhanging. I'm reluctant to overuse the same pattern on too mnay things but I couldn't resist this wall hanging. I used 100% raw silk and screenprinted directly onto a large piece. The edges are stitched to give it a neat finish and the bottom is freyed to keep in style with many other traditional wall hangings. A simple stick from my garden through the top and some twine to hang it. I'm pleased with the result and will do some in other colours too. I must say a huge thank you to my friend Lisa from and check out her fabulous blog too for allowing me to use her home and her sensational camera to photograph this wall hanging recently as well as all my other products. Thank you Lisa!

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