Saturday, May 22, 2010

My first exhibition

I am very excited about my very first exhibition which I have coming up in the middle of June. I have been invited by the Design Institue of Australia to exhibit some of my work. The exhibition is called "Interwoven" and the work displayed by all artists is on fabric. I will be working with my beloved hemp which I buy form the fantastic Hemp Gallery. If you're looking for a good hemp supplier call Beatrice or Sandra. The quality and service is outstanding.
So I have started doing a few paintings to get some momentum going and I am thrilled with this first set which has inspired me to no end. The first is a photo of the whole painting and the subsequent images are close up shots of sections of the same painting. I just love how so many artworks have come out of just one. And the possibilites of looking at one painting are endless. I could have easily continued taking photos of this one painting for the rest of the day and I would have been just as excited about each shot as I was with these. I will keep posting about what I'm up to in preperation for the exhibition.

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