Friday, May 20, 2011

Screenprinting some table linen

I am very happy screen-printing some table linen at the moment. I made a table cloth for my friend's mum's 75th birthday out of a hemp/silk blend (which is stunning) and was very happy with how it turned out. It's the one with the large red floral print on it in the pics below. To make the pattern I cut stencils out of architectural drafting film and taped them to a blank silk screen then printed through that. It was a bit tricky as I had to wait for each separate segment to dry before I printed another one.

I also made some table runners from raw hemp and another table runner also from the hemp/silk blend with the same floral pattern on it as the table cloth. Except with this one I deliberately didn't heat set it for very long and it gave this lovely washed out look. I like it a lot.

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