Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easter Eggs

Alas Easter! I feel somewhat sad coming up to this Easter. It is the first year that I can remember that I have been unable to paint eggs like I usually do every year. I did do a few, some for me to test out a new method and a couple for a friend of mine who ordered them way back in January. I am delighted that all my other products have been selling so well that I've found it hard to keep up but the downside is that I will have no eggs to sell this year. I send out my apologies once again to all of you who emailed me wanting to place orders. Next year will be different.....(famous last words!)

Anyhow here is a selection of eggs I have painted in the past that I wanted to share with you all. If you're into egg painting or want to have a go I hope some of these may inspire you. I get ideas and inspiration from all sorts of disciplines of Polish and eastern european folk-art. I never worry about getting anything perfect. None of the designs on any of my eggs are perfectly symmetrical or even. In fact much of it is lopsided, lines are unevenly thick and thin and the colours are never smooth. However having seen a lot of other folk-art I have been delighted to see that it's not all about getting it perfect. Much of the art is made by common folk in their homes next to fireplaces and with relatives and friends. It is all about the tradition, the process and the cultural practices. The end result is a colleciton of works with soul and substance that you just won't get with mass produced work. To me the whole egg, the process, the love of doing it and the overall finished effect when you have a dozen colourful eggs in the basket is what makes me smile in the end. Having said that there are some incredibly talented egg artists out there. The kind that ought to have their eggs displayed in museums. (and some do). I admire those people to no end as they posess skill and talent acquired over many years and practice as well as through the teachings of other masters before them. Enough talk here are the pics...

These are from 2003. I painted them using basic acrylic paints. I prepared each egg by coating it with a good layer of gesso. This helped the paints to stick nicely to the egg surface. Also I used some little beads to finish off the top and bottom holes made by hollowing out the eggs.

This lot is from 2006. It was my greatest glory as I had these featured on the front cover of Good Living magazine. I will keep thanking John Saxby (editor) until I die. You can see the front cover on the "press" page of my website. Acrylic on a base of gesso once again.

These are from last year. I tried a new method this time as I was after a glossier finish without having to varnish them in the end. So I found these porcelain paint pens by Pebeo. You can get them in nearly all art supply shops. I base-coated each egg with a creamy coloured acrylic. I wanted all the eggs to have the same base colour and as you know eggs come in many different shades of white-brown. I was very pleased with these and enjoyed doing a monochrome range.

These here are goose eggs. I wanted a totally different look with these. I was after an earthy, rough kind of feel. I wanted these to be matt as opposed to all the glossy ones I'd done in the past. Again I used acrylic paints but this time I first sanded the egg lightly to make the paint adhere better to the surface. Then I painted the design on first in just one colour (mainly brown) and then sanded it back until it looked just like a grainy veil of colour and then I applied a second coat of acrylic over the top. This brought the grain out from undeneath and muted the colours that went over the top. I like this result as well. Although if I did a lot more and mucked aorund with more colour combinations I know they'd look a hundren times better. I will be getting back to these.

The most recent. I did these for my friend Helen who asked for some eggs many months ago. This is the style I was going to go for this Easter. Full bright colours and big bold patterns. I was really plased with these and will definately return to this design style in the future.


:: imprintables:: said...

I would certainly choose these beautifully painted eggs over chocolate, and I LOVE chocolate.
What a great gift idea!

Jennifer Barker said...

Wow! I have said this before - you are a clever chicky!

I was stoked the other day as I found one from last year in the warehouse ... will be keeping for myself :)

Have a great day!

lisa tilse said...

Kasia - they are absolutely gorgeous! I love that you are true your folk art style, but reinterpret it each year.