Monday, March 30, 2009

More Easter Eggs

Taking a turn away from traditional Eastern European Egg decorating I'd like to share these beauties from my friend Lisa Tilse's studio. I love these black chalkboard eggs. They are so different and fun and make a fantastic gift if you're over the whole chocolate thing. Although you can still give a chalkboard egg AND chocolate! Come to think of it they don't even have to be given as an Easter gift exlusively. I can see these as a fun gift all year round. The eggs are ostrich and are painted with chalkboard paint all ready for you and/or the kids to have fun on. Check Lisa's blog for more info and how to buy them.

image source: lisa tilse, the red thread

image source: lisa tilse, the red thread

AND I absolutely love these. I loved them from the moment I saw them. They are so subtle and soft and very much Lisa's style. These are goose eggs dyed with natural vegetable dyes and painted in white designs. Again check out her blog for more on these. In fact just check out her blog alltogether because it's gorgeous and full of breathtaking inspiration. Thank you Lisa for letting me share these with my blogs visitors!!

image source: lisa tilse, the red thread

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lisa tilse said...

Thank you kasia for such a lovely post about my work!