Friday, April 29, 2011

Night Lights decorated with vegetable paints

I just love love these lights. So simple to make. I used A4 sheets of water colour paper and vegetable paints to do the designs. The dark pink is beetroot juice. You basically just juice half a beeteroot and paint with it. That's it. The green colour you see is spinach juice, same thing you just shove lots of spinach leaves into a juicer. And the orangey colour is tumeric mixed with water. It's a bit stinky when you paint with it but when it dries there is no smell. So I painted the designs on and when they dried I stuck a piece of double sided tape along one side and then rolled the paper into a cylinder shape and stuck the sides together. I use large tea light candles under the lights. Please remember if you're going to make these (I know this is fairly obvious BUT...) you are putting paper and naked flame together so make your lights wide enough so that the candle underneath doesn't touch the paper. Or put your candle into one of those plain glass tea light holders and then put the paper cylinder over the top. Don't they look lovely?

The following two light's were painted with beetroot juice.

The one on the left is printed with one of my designs, and the one on the right is painted with spinach, beetroot and tumeric.


:: imprintables:: said...

these look amazing and to think you used household items makes them even more special!

Kasia said...

thanks :) It's amazing what you can find around the house. The veggie paints are especially good for kids to paint with. Totally non toxic!

DanniEd said...

Gorgeous and tasty! Well fancy that. Just like you!! Clever creative woman. Loving the bags too.